Rhino v4 - win11 - rtx 3080

hi guys.
yesterday ive installed win11 and a new rtx 3080 on my pc.
rhino v4 crash after opening without possibility to use it.
ive download v7 demo and work without problem but for use the v4?
hope in your help for solving problem.

Hi -

There will be no further updates to Rhino versions before Rhino 7. You’ll have to either use an older operating system or update to a newer Rhino version.

So you bought a 3080 in this market and can’t be bothered to update Rhino from a version that had its last service release in 2011? Sigh…

I suppose you could try running V4 under a compatibility mode - no idea if that is viable in Windows 11 …


this is not the problem but your poor and personal consideration.
rhino v4 is perfect for me and my work.
your comment is inappropriate.

yes test compatibility mode but nothing.
the problem is in rhino 4 + win 11.
graphic card isn’t the problem.
for this moment reinstal win 10.
thanks for answers.

I am sure V7 will be even perfecter :wink: (So test it out while you have the demo installed)
Just the realtime shadows and the ambient occlusion is worth it alone IMO, not to mention it’s improved ability to handle large scenes and big meshes.

use rhino only for model archviz. and other sw for rendering. rhino 7 is a great sw. ive see it other time. i’m not sure that now need to upgrade to it but is probably. rhino give me great result and is correct buy for new future solution.

the problem is the simply and steril answers from people.
thanks holo for your idea. :slight_smile:

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I do have to agree with you though, for modelling Rhino 4 is great, not much has changed since then when it comes to pure nurbs modeling. But the shadows I referred to was not rendering, but pure modeling aid. Positioning stuff with the gumball is just easier when the objects casts shadows.

And if you use TwinMotion then it is worth trying out the datasmith direct link plugin. It’s free and works in V7 (and V6).

Good luck with the new computer though!