Rhino v.4 - Zoom, rotate etc

I am using Rhino version 4. After my PC has been repaired (IT department in a big company so it´s not just done by a schoolkid) and I installed Rhin0 it does not work correctly:

  • Zoom is not working very well. Especially in perspective view.
  • The cursor makes some thin lined rectangles when moving it in all views.
  • The program responds very slowly.
    This behaviour makes Rhino completely useless.

I have seen older comments concerning this issue but didn´t find any answers.
I have reinstalled the software and downloaded the lates SR.

IThe software is installed on a spare PC where it works perfectly.

I would appreciate if anyone have a good solution to the problem which seems to be quite common.

BR, Jens Fuglsang, Denmark

Maybe try updating/reinstalling the video drivers? --Mitch