Rhino user, Win to OSX swap, help!

I have Rhino4 for windows, and I am staying on OSX side all the time, no bootcamp for me anymore.

How to change my edu license (CD with serial) into OSX rhino…???

I need to sell the Rhino Win and buy a OSX Rhino?

I have been using Rhino BETAOSX for 3 years with OSX 10.8.5, now I need to install Fusion 360 for CAM use but it requires 10.9 OSX

Please somebody help me, I have no idea how to continue and no money to buy RhinoOSX!!!



AFAIK, there are no conversion paths for Rhino from Win to Mac.
Also, Educational licenses are not transferable to other users so you cannot sell the Win license.

A bit more time with Bootcamp?

Thanks, yes indeed it is not possible to sell it, I see.