Rhino update rejected by BitDefender

I got the following messages when updating Rhino6 (by closing it once an uopdate was detected)


Edit: According to Bitdefender a false-positive may be due to “bad programming practices”. I will try to follow their instructions in the linked page:

// Rolf

Too late, Bitdefender was quick to mess up my system beyond…


// Rolf

Wow! cmd.exe even got blocked?

Everything. To be honest, Bitdefender sucks. I uninstalled the crap.

The UI doesn’t allow any kind of handling of false-positives, quarantine simply rips your files and tell you politiely that it’s going to delete them at next restart, which it suggest to do immediately. And the UI window isn’t resizable so I couldn’t even figure out which files it scrapped.

I’ve really had enough of Bitdefender. So I uninstalled the crap and ran the update anew (at least Rhino seems to be working now).

Calming down now. :sunglasses:

// Rolf

i have the exact same thing, Great!!!

If you need to uninstall Bitdefender you probably won’t succeed using the Windows uninstaller (that’s when the last fuse burned for me). But there’s a special tool for uninstalling. I had to run it twice to get rid of that disaster.


If you don’t dare clicking that link, it’s from this page:

// Rolf

Thanks RIL
it even quarantined 2 iges files i created this evening,not cool.

Atc4.detection is the supposed virus name,
any ideas Mcneel wizards??

Panda Antivirus Pro is fine with it.

I scanned the installation files, (downloaded them for offline install)




After the installation still OK.


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Had also no problems with Kaspersky. Just for information :slight_smile:

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You can restore files from quarantine - provided you run Bitdefender as an administrator. Dunno whether that will allow the install to run. May find out soon…

No, installation wouldn’t run after restoring from quarantine - further files get quarantined.

I turned off Bitdefender, rebooted, downloaded the install file from Mcneel, installed (as system admin) and turned Bitdefender back on. Rhino works as normal and Bitdefender doesn’t object. But my recently used file list is missing from the Rhino splash screen and my panel settings have gone awol.

Be interesting to find out if there was anything different about the way the 6.8 update was prepared to trigger this (hasn’t happened on earlier releases).

Same here, didn’t have any problems earlier with this.

My custom panels (…rui) was deleted, with no traces left. Gone. I didn’t have a chance to rescue them from the quarantine.

That’s when I decided to uninstall Bitdefender. I doesn’t really matter why these files were considered false-positive, once such things happens there must be a way to stop an ongoing disaster, but there were no such option. I couldn’t even uninstall the crap using Windows uninstaller.

So Bitdefender will never come close to my machine hereafter.

// Rolf

MS Windows Defender + Malwarebytes should prove both highly effective and innocuous, IMO.

i restored files from quarantine and turned the “threat defence off”.

all is well apart from custom toolbar layout as ril said.
update installed fine.
back in the saddle

The 30/7 update of SR8 (i.e. the one after the problematic one) has installed normally, with no adverse reaction from Bitdefender.