Rhino update hurt graphics (Mac / Parallels)

Hey! First post here, sorry, it’s going to be nooby. I want to start off saying I understand nothing about computer specs, so please bear with me.

I have used Rhino for Windows through Parallels on my 15" Macbook pro for about 3 years now. My laptop is a retina display. About a month ago I got a message asking me to update Rhino, so I obliged. After the update, however, my icons all grew too large and the graphics look worse.

I have since adjusted the icon size, but am unable to resolve my graphics issues. I have tried adjusting the Antialiasing, though my only option is “None”.

Is there a way to fix this, or is it a bug within the update? Is it possible to revert back to my previous version to avoid this headache all together?
It seems like this should be entirely solvable considering my graphics were fine prior to the update…

PS, adjusting my screens resolution / window size through windows does not really help, it just makes the command bar impossible to read. :frowning:

Just a hunch (not a Mac user), but in your screenshot, it seems that Rhino can’t seem to properly read your GPU driver through Parallels and is forced to use OpenGL 2.1 rather than the latest one that your GPU should be able to handle. I’m not totally sure if that’s what’s causing the lock on the anti-aliasing setting for you but it’s what stands out in the picture for me.

Hi Evan - try the SetDPIAwareness command - does changing that setting do anything good?


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any effect, even after restarting rhino. D:
I appreciate your replies guys!

Is there a way to revert back to the previous version I was using? (Or whatever version came before this latest update)

Hi Evan,
Sorry I don`t have any help on this but feel your pain.

Because Rhino in emulation is not supported by McNeel and I need it for work I never upgrade Rhino, MacOS, Parallels or Windows unless something is broken.

I am on OS X 10.10.5, Parallels 10, Windows 8 and Rhino 5 SR12. 2012 15in MBP.

At one stage upgrading to Parallels 11 broke my graphics so I swapped back to 10.

Do you have backups of the virtual machine? If you do backups of your virtual machines you can just replace them and relink in Parallels if you ever have problems. I keep all my work files outside of the virtual machine so I lose nothing. I use Carbon Copy cloner for backups.

Hopefully going back to a previous SR in Rhino will fix your problem. Good luck

Typically one is a bit more than a noob to run Parallels…

This might be a silly question: Is there something in the Win version you use daily that you can’t work without?

Switching to the Mac version will make you virtualization problems go away. And if you infrequently use a Win only feature, you can run both and just open your file in Parallels/Win Rhino, do what you need, close the file, and go right back to Mac Rhino.

Virtualalized Rhino on Mac, e.g. Parallels, VirtualBox, has always been a bag of hurt. Virtualization outside of your Mac is a winning combo, but it will cost you.


Just noting that this requires two separate licenses…

Details details…I tend to forget when spending other people’s money…:wink: