Rhino Update code no longer working

Hi, I have been able to run my script just fine until running the Rhino update. I am using Rhino WIP and just ran the latest update. I confirmed that it was the Rhino update that broke it because I used an older file which definitely worked on a previous version. The same older file works on a different device, but not this updated one.

This is the error message I’m getting:

the addbox and corce3dpointlist methods:

Unfortunately I can’t really share the script that I’m running as it is not owned by me. However It was running fine before the update.

Maybe there has been some change to these methods in naming convention or something?

Thanks for your help!


i’ve compared the methods rs.AddBox() and rs.coerce3dpointlist() used in V5 and V6 but see no changes. Maybe check what is passed to rs.AddBox() beforehand, it must be an ordered list of only 8 points not point ids.


I’m having one of our developers look at this.


Thanks guys for discussing and reporting this.

There was a problem in the code that was looking up the Guid from the document in coerce3dpoint(). If all goes well, the fix should already be in this week’s new WIP. Otherwise, what I think will fix this will be in next week’s WIP.

Thanks again,


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Thanks @piac, i haven’ t looked for changes in coerce3dpoint which is used in coerce3dpointlist.


It looks like the WIP will go out on Wednesday morning, Seattle time (European afternoon). I’d like to hear if the problem is fixed, as I should have fixed one bug.

RH-39064 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hi Giulio,

in case of an array with string values coerce3dpoint returns enumerable. Problem is that RhinoPython.Host seems to use localized decimal separators while the previous method was working with “.” as the decimal separator.