Rhino training level 2 detergent bottle

I find it hard to create the “s” shape fillet between bottle and offset surface, so I follow Pascal’s method in this thread.

I do several “fin”(don’t know why cannot do it at once), then join the generated curves. Then when I try to “filletsrf” between the fin surface and the bottle, “FilletSrf failed to create fillets”…

Can someone point out what I did wrong when “fin”? Thanks in advance.
Detergent Bottle_unfinished.3dm (4.4 MB)

Hello - the inner surface is trimmed too short to accommodate a fillet that fits on the fin surface

Utrim that inner, pink surface, make the fillets (r=1.5 or so)

and then fillet those fillets to the outer surface.You can delete whatever is left of the Fin surface.


then trim with all the new fillet surfaces.

Any luck?


Thx. It works like a charm. I start to wonder whether it’s always better to do fillet first then trim the surfaces?