Rhino training for landscape architecture, help

Hey guys

I’ve recently had the pleasure of visiting many landscape architecture firms to which all pointed to Rhino being the main program for their 3D rendering.

I now have Rhino and am excited to learn it. But I’m having a very hard time to find any tutorials online or books for the program in my field. Most things are find are industrial design and such.

I was wondering if any of you could point to any resources for learning the program for landscape architecture.

While it certainly makes sense to pose that question here, I’d think you’d also ask the Rhino users at those same firms how they learned to apply it to their work.

I would bet they used Rhino for the modelling and a plug-in like V-Ray for the rendering. Landscape is especially challenging to render if you have hundreds of trees, so a plug-in that has proxy capability (like V-Ray) would be my guess.