Rhino toolbar saving / error message at shut down


Hey there,
since a few days rhino does not save toolbars. The properties window always appears below the toolbars and not on the side where I put it again and again.
Tried to save files, also tried to save a template and reopen that.

System is Rhino 5.0, 64bit, Windows 7.
Just installed the update SR8, but still the same.

There has been an error message a few days, which was caused by the bricsys plug in.
I just uninstalled the plug in, restarted the computer. The error message is gone.
What stays is the denial of rhino to save the toolbar layout.

Can someone help, please?


(Marc Gibeault) #2

Yes, I have seen the same thing on all computers I use since Rhino 5 came out.
I have to start Rhino by right-clicking on the icon and select “Run as administrator” (“Exécuter en tant qu’administrateur”). Then the changes to the workspace will be saved and show next time.