Rhino to Revit (Using Conveyor) Insertion issue

Hi Pavel,
I found a solution to this problem which is just moving the geometry that is created by Conveyor after it is created in the project.

I posted the solution here where I was asking a different but related question.

It has to do with how Rhino sees the points inside of Revit, even though the Revit internal Origin might be moved around to an actual coordinate - which is the case when I use a shared site by acquiring coordinates from a georeferenced site file that has a coordinate system set to it.

So the Revit 0,0,0 might not be a true 0,0,0. The way I dealt with it was to calculate a resulting vector from 2 points by inputting the actual coordinates of the internal origin and creating a reference point on it. It might also be possible to extract these directly from the “properties” of the base points in revit but I just did it manually by copy pasting the coordinates straight from revit into number inputs to create a point.

Anyhow it took me a while to work out what was going on between the two programs, but yes it seems to me that the internal origin can be at a point that is not actual 0,0,0 but Rhino will see it as 0,0,0

In the end the solution was post-processing the resulting geometry which is annoying but not that complicated.