Rhino to Revit import issue

Hi all,

I’ve been tasked with exporting rhino models to Revit. I’m running Rhino 5 OSX and Revit Lt 2020 on pc.

There have been numerous issues with imported geometries - missing surfaces, additional surfaces appearing, additional lines. This requires going back to rhino and remodelling missing parts in different ways but Revit seems inconsistent in what it doesn’t like.

Revit Lt only allows imports for dwg. and dxf. file types. I’m wondering if I could expect to see more consistent results with .SAT file types? (requires upgrade to full version of Revit)

OR, could this more likely be an issue with the modelling in Rhino? Models consist of lines, surfaces (some joined to make open/closed polysurfaces)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!