Rhino to Fusion 360 issues

Greetings! I am having difficulties exporting Rhino DXF files to Fusion 360 for plasma cutting. Actually, the issue appears to be in the way Fusion accepts the files. I export as spines via CAM Imperial. I’m curious if anyone might have suggestions. The Fusion seems to accept the import but hangs at “Compute Finished”

cam imperial is the right choice…

if the final export to the cutter is from fusion, why not use iges or step from rhino to fusion?

Why use DXF? I’ve never cared for the format–especially for differences in interpreting curves, and on 3D stuff, inside out polygons are not nice.

Noting that:

Thanks! I see that I can export vie IGS but I’m not familiar how to open that in Fusion. Any thoughts?

I haven’t test 2D a lot, for 3D files .step / .stp files has been the best 3D interchange format, from Rhino, Paraview, SalameMecha, FreeCad, ect.

Before you make chips, it might be good to do a Round-Robin test.

McNeel was nice enough to create and open NURBs format, but unfortunately, it hasn’t got a lot of traction. : (

file>open should do the trick

if not I’d try file>import.

_ExtrudeCrv with Solid=Yes and SplitAtTangents=Yes the profiles to create solids. Export the latter to .stp.

I’ve found the Setting in this post work most of the time. Note. Fusion can only import curves from DWG\DXF or SVG.


Fusion can’t import Iges or step curve data? If so that’s new, because it used to.

I’ve never had it work and here’s a link to an ideastation request from 2015 with a request. It was change to implemented but no one ever got it to work and support just stopped replying to the thread.

Note, the cloud viewer will let you view wire data in STP and IGS file but when translated non come through.