Rhino to Blender Cycles?

The Rhino mesher tries to be smart already indeed. Whenever I get around to it the importer will be able to query the Rhino geometry kernel for meshes generated with different settings (pretty much like custom render meshes) - when we get that far we can import 3dm files that don’t have render meshes saved, but ask Rhino for them during the import session.

Thank You Nathan!!!
I have been trying to use blender on my rhino models by exporting obj or 3ds and have always have issues once in blender. Typically I could not see the model, setting clipping to 0 helped but I could not even render.
I literally had to look up what python was this morning, I am such a newbie I did not even know what it was!
Your directions were good and I got this up and running! The directions you gave at https://github.com/jesterKing/import_3dm were even more precise and helped me navigate the steps inside of the command prompt.
I just imported my rhino file directly from inside of Blender and immediatly saw big improvements! The materials came through! I can render! The layers and sub layers came through!
Many Thanks!

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Yay, enjoy! :smiley:

Thanks so much for your work on this Nathan! I was able to take a .3dm with a mix of nurbs and some messy meshes imported from sketchup and import them to blender with no problems at all. This is going to make my rendering workflow so much smoother till raytraced is complete.

I am trying to get the import addon to work, but run into some problems:

macos 10.14.5, running blender 2.8, with the latest versions of rhino3d and import_3m
I installed rhino3dm and import_3dm according to instructions on github, and the terminal indicated that rhino3dm got installed correctly:

blackbook-976:~ hcg$ cd /Applications/Blender.app/Contents/Resources/2.80/python
blackbook-976:python hcg$ ./bin/pip3.7 install --upgrade --target lib/python3.7 rhino3dm
Collecting rhino3dm
Using cached https://files.pythonhosted.org/packages/29/a7/d3fc80f159b77698f60a6c02aa7cf263883cffc5793442021bc02b32656b/rhino3dm-0.7.0-cp37-cp37m-macosx_10_13_x86_64.whl
Installing collected packages: rhino3dm
Successfully installed rhino3dm-0.7.0

I was able to add the import_3dm addon in blender, but when I try to activate the addon I get the errors seen in the screenshot.


@nathanletwory the latest rhino3dm.py (0.6.0 and 0.7.0) has a breaking change for Polycurve as the class has been renamed to PolyCurve in order to stay consistent with RhinoCommon

Thanks, I haven’t had the chance to use 0.7.0 even yet, I tested 0.6.0. But thanks for the heads up.

Hello ,is the script work for Windows?

Hey, please see the following post for a quick fix:

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The script don’t work with blender 2.8 in Windows 10

What error do you get?

No error but i don’t see import 3dm in the list of addons

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Looks like you’re installing the wrong zip archive. Get the correct one from https://github.com/jesterKing/import_3dm/releases/latest

Thank you it appear now but don’t work, first i got error about rhino3dm and pip module
i copy them from python37 to blender 2.80 python folder than i got new errors

The error in the last screenshot you can fix by following the simple instruction I linked to some posts up, but here’s the link again:

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Thanks so like this : CONVERT[r3d.PolyCurve] = import_polycurve
before i did it like this : CONVERT[r3d.Polycurve] = import_polyCurve
it work fine now

@anon39580149, indeed.

I hope the add-on is useful (:

Very useful and import clean mesh ; i don’t test uvmapping yet
Thank you

Considering Rhino is now using Cycles, and Blender is now with 2.8 out, it would be amazing, as an architect, to design on Rhino and export to Blender for the final render, adding complex materials, use cloth tools which Blender has, and not have to add to the Rhino design a degree of complexity I only want for the final presentation products ( people, animations, moving grass with wind, trees moving with wind, all possible in Blender which represent a very cumbersome deal on Rhino )… so… if I can have a WishList for Rhino 7 it would be Save as… Blender 2.8 Cycles/Eevee File.

Although it woukd be cool to write directly .blend files the import_3dm add-on for Blender already should get you going for most cases.

There is a request opened here https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-49683, but I don’t know yet when I get to the point of implementing this. Until then the importer should help you there.

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