Rhino to Archicad

Hello Rhino Community,

This might be an Archicad related problem, not sure tho so I’m just gonna adress it here. I have trouble importing Rhino made DWG’s/DXF’s into Archicad. Lines I drew in Rhino don’t appear the same after importing in Archicad. It’s easier to visually show this, so I attached two screenshots which show the case.
I’m thankful for any answer!

thanks in advance,
kind regards Miro

When using the latest version (ArchiCAD 20) you could just open the Rhino file directly.

Thank you for the answer. Archicad translates Rhino Curves into Polylines when opening .3dm’s directly, that’s the exact thing I don’t want.

Maybe that´s how ArchiCAD works in general?

Have a look:
ArchiCAD 20 – Rhino 3D Import – Rhino Object Options