Rhino textures move on the surfaces as I pan around

I am working on a drawing using picture frames, which look fine each time I open the file, however as soon as I pan around, the textures move across the surface as if I was looking through a window at the images. I have had this issue before with wood and stone textures moving around but if I closed the file and re-opened it, the issue would sort itself out. Anyone else ever had this issue and if so, did you manage to fix it and how? So far I have tried re-mapping the textures onto the surfaces and also re-drawing the picture frames. Neither of these has solved the issue. Thanks!

HI Evan,

It might be an issue with you videocard or it’s drivers.

What version of Rhino do you have; is it up to date?
What version of Windows and might you be running in a virtual enviornment?
What videocard and are it’s drivers up to date?


Hey Willem,

My system is saying that everything is up to date as far as my videocard goes. I did just recently update to Windows 10 so that may be the problem. I am running rhino version 5 SR12 64-bit (5.12.50810.13095, 8/10/2015) which seems to also be up to date. Also, I am using the standard graphics card for my laptop which is the Intel HD Graphics 4400. Thanks!


Hi Evan,

It might be your Intel HD Graphics 4400 is "not up to the task"
it’s n the bottom of recommended video cards https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/rhino5videocards

Try disabling hardware acceleration as mentioned on that page. Graphics is then done via CPU and it might be the glitch of the wrong texture-mapping is gone.
However you might also give some degrading in graphics performance so you should enable it when not in need of correct textures.



Checking the settings, I found that I the box to “Use hardware acceleration” was actually already unchecked, and checking the box seems to have solved my issue. Not sure how to explain it, but thank you so much for the help!


It was probably unchecked by Rhino when the display drivers crashed at an earlier date.
See if you can find updated drivers for that chip and Windows 10.