Rhino textures from library do not show or appear when loaded to object


I’ve recently downloaded the trial version of Rhino 6 on my Mac and I wanted to render an object using one of the textures from the library. The problem is that every time I select one of them it won’t show in the model.

I’ve already tried downloading the textures library and reset the preferences, but nothing seems to be working. These are the steps that I’m following:

Would appreciate any help.

Are you in the Rendered working display mode?

I am yes

Hello - does a full render look correct?


Not really. This is what I get after using the “Terracota” materia. It’s like if the texture was missing somehow l

I suspect this is the same computer you used for an old V5 evaluation.
My guess is that old Mac 5 PLIST file has bollixed up V6.

I’d try resetting the PLIST file:

Any luck?

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Thank you very much! You were right. I could solve it that way.