Rhino Teams Licensing is a Masterpiece. Thank You

Hi @aj1, @brian, all,

I’m usually here to complain. Not today.

I just wanted to say that your new licensing system in Rhino Teams is the absolute best, most user friendly, most admin friendly and most cost-efficient and scalable way to deal with multi-user, multi-machine, multi-region software we have even dealt with.

We are now trying to manage many licenses of many packages and some are weird, some confusing, some evil, and some just stupid.

But you guys… you nailed this one.

Great Job Everyone! I’ll be sending more cookies soon.

Thanks So Much,


PS: don’t get complacent now, …we are going back to regular programming after this post :rofl:


@gustojunk - it looks like there is someone pretending to be you posting to the forum.



I got hacked!!!


How about putting those people on Rhino’s most unloved commands and features?