Rhino & T-Spline Organic Modeling

Software : Rhino 5, T-Spline, V-Ray, Photoshop
Design by Erhan Biçkioğlu
3Drawing Blog

Superb modeling, congratulations !:+1:


I love the model, design, and final results, but the video should show more process and less ‘watching it render.’


Thanks,best regards

Güzel köpek, arkadaşım :slight_smile:

I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on the EOL with regard to T-Splines?


Teşekkürler :slight_smile:

Thanks for information

Bir şey değil :slight_smile:

Hopefully sub d within Rhino will prove useful in the comming months!

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When will this come to Rhino…? Will it be in Rhino 6.0…?

I’m referring to Sub-D surfacing tools…

No, it will not… --Mitch