Rhino Surfaces bugging/breaking in shaded and render

Dear lovely Rhino community,

I have been working on this confidential project the past year where there are alot of Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Patterns. We have had alot of difficulties turning the geometries into 3D. Its something really new that I have been facing in Rhino since I moved-on from working on building scales to millimeters scales of patterns and objects.

Can anyone help me understand why these issues come up (you will see how the geometry breaks in the screen shots) even tho all the lines are closed curves and drawn originally in Rhino 6 ? Nothing was imported from Autocad.

A small sample from the model is uploaded.

PS: all I am trying to achieve for now is just to extrude the curves (they are in the 3dm model) into polysurface and surfaces.
210610 - Question for why Geometry breaks.3dm (743.9 KB)

Hello - this is the display meshing - see
for more information.


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