Rhino surface exists despite curves unjoined at corner

How is this possible ?
I have zoomed in on a surface and see the edges lines (curves) dont meet up yet it has a surface fill.

Being part of a solid, currently exploded to analyse this area, it would seem to be a candidate for a failed dxf solid export.

How do I get those lines (curves) to meet up, the surface itself is where I need it but its only indicative, we all know that depending on settings, surfaces can appear to not follow a line, but here its the line itself which is a trustworthy view, the one on the x axis I wish to bring down to meet, I am happy with the position of the other one.

3dm file attached of the surface.Surface despite lines gap.3dm (54.4 KB)


This surface was probably trimmed with very low (i.e. non-strict) tolerances. If you use the List command on the trimmed surface you can see that there are tolerances on each edge. There are several edges that have tolerances of 0.1 or higher. There are also vertices that have quite low tolerance.

I would recommend Untrim, increase tolerance (i.e make it more strict) and retrim.