Rhino SR8 and SCCM deployment


I was wondering if anyone tried deploying SR8 as a chained update via SCCM? The problem I’m having with this type of installation is that when SR8 installs, it replaces the original Rhino build hence SCCM is going ‘loopy’ - it cannot find the main product and wants to install it, but since the latest version is discovered on the system, it reports back as failed installation and so on.

I understand that SR8 is basically a full updated version of Rhino and when you install it on top of older version it replaces the main build…?

Is there just an update available somewhere I could download?

Thanks for your suggestions,

@brian, can you help with the sccm questions? I’m out of my depth…

Bart, the latest SR can be downloaded here - http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/sr