Rhino slow saving

Hello - I’m afraid there is not an equivalent in V5, that I know of.


this helped INCREDIBLY. Reduced from 1 minute to 3 seconds. I pity all the time waiting for savings just for the sake of megabytes. damn that program.

in 2021, i still have this problem. 100mb file saves in seconds locally, can copy to server in seconds, but if I save directly to the server it takes several minuttes. Something is off. Just tried to disable compression, which made it even slower…

@pascal any news on this issue in V7/8?

Hi Mathias -
Are you using the WriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving=True option in the advanced settings?

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If you’re issue is related to network saving, there’s a separate thread for that:

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This was false.

Thank you, now save times went from 5 mins to 10-15 secs with compression and 8-10 secs without!

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Any chance of getting access to this through RhinoCommon at some point?

The closest i got was this enum. but where is it used…

This worked for me. Reduced save time from about 4 minutes to 1.5. (also doubled the file size). But totally worth it.

@sonderskovmathias Yeah was hoping it would be added to the ApplicationSettings part like the PackageManagerSettings is.

@wim any chance of this or does it have to be done through the AdvancedSetting Enumeration?

Edit: Found a way to access it through the PersistentSettings Class:

            Rhino.PersistentSettings RhFilesettings = Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.GetPluginSettings(Rhino.RhinoApp.CurrentRhinoId, false).GetChild("Options").GetChild("FileSettings");
                RhFilesettings.SetBool("WriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving", true);
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This worked from me, from 1 min to 5 sec

Worked for us, we went from 84Mbps upload to the DFS, to 800Mbps uploads.