Rhino should never slow down again

Just curious. I’m not sure if this would be a viable option for you but have you considered or looked into using an architecture-based application (such as VisualARQ)?

I had never heard of it until now. I just checked it out, it looks. extremely interesting. If you are familiar with it, what can you personally tell me about it? Also, thanks!

Although I currently do not own a copy of it, I’ve been examining VisualARQ as it has been developing over the years. In my opinion, having used a few standalone architecture-based software applications, VisualARQ continues to introduce innovative features such as its latest addition incorporating Grasshopper to allow for the creation of unique organic structures and other more complex constructions that are not easily accomplished in most mainstream traditional architecture apps to date.

One other software application that is adopting this feature is Vectorworks Architect. They call it Marionette, but it’s primarily the same process which involves a series of node-based operations - each node containing its own set of attributes / operators which can be infinitely tweaked.

In my opinion, I think your workflow would greatly benefit from what VisualARQ has to offer. Only you will know if it’s right for what you will be using it for so I highly recommend downloading a trial version to see if it meets with your approval.

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