Rhino searches for missing textures every time I hide/show, autosave and other (but not all) commantds

I have inherited a file with a lot of custom materials in which the textures are missing.
As I try to work with it, once in a while, and specificaly (but not restricted to) every time I use the show / hide command, Rhino is searching for the missing textures.
It even looks like it is searching for specific textures more than once (I get “texture not found” multiple times for the same filename) although that might be because different materials are looking for the same texture file.
I wouldn’t mind, but there are a lot missing, and rhino freezes while it happens.
Can I clean the model of all materials with missing textures in some way?
Or make Rhino stop searching except when opening?

Forgive me if this has been been answered before, but I can’t seem to find anything when searching

Hello - I cannot repeat the Show/Hide problem you describe, so far. I suppose this only happens if a viewport is in rendered mode, is that correct? And does it do anything to clear it up if you Show everything in the file and Zoom Extents with a rendered view active - I wonder if the search can take place once for all objects, and then be done - not a real solution, if it does, but maybe a clue as to what is happening.


Hello Pascal,

This is indeed in rendered view, and it happens even if I use “zoom extents” beforehand.
Also, the missing texture prompts that I receive look like this:
“File does not exist, could not download http://files.mcneel.com/rhino/6.0/textures/filename.jpg

It just happened again, during an autosave this time, and it looks like Rhino is trying five times for each filename.


Hi Dimitris -
We’ll have to try and find out why it is looking for files on that URL but, from the following post, it might work to use the Purge command to get rid of these. Please save a file in the current state and either post that or upload it to Rhino - Upload to Support and mention this thread in the comments field.


I will try your suggestions, unfortunately I am not permitted to share this file, and thus cannot upload it.