Rhino SDK as NuGet package

@stevebaer @dale:

I know that Rhino3dmIO is available as a Nuget package. We currently also use a home-brewn NuGet package for the full Rhino SDK and GH, which is served from our own NuGet server. For us this is very useful to upgrade the version solution-wide. If you want I can send you an example (I’m a bit hesitant to attach it here, because you never know where it ends up), because I believe this could be useful for more people.

We recently made RhinoCommon and GH available through nuget also. I guess we may have forgotten to mention that here.

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Oh, that is indeed news to me :smile:

What we use though is the whole thing: C++ libs & headers, RhinoCommon and Grasshopper in one package.