Rhino script open a file quietly with no need for user input

Hi I’m new to rvb scripting and I am trying to get Rhino5 to open a file with out having to press enter at the command line.
here is my problem code taken from existing examples:

Dim strFile
strFile = "C:\Users\david000\Desktop\SHEETCAM JOBS\TORTOISE\MESHCAM\tortoise.stl"
strFile = Chr(34) & strFile & Chr(34) ' add the needed quote characters.
Call Rhino.DocumentModified(False)  'so you dont have to be asked to save old work
Call Rhino.Command("_-Open " & strFile, 0)

This works fine up to the point where I am asked to accept the following command line arguments by pressing enter.
After pressing enter , the file loads perfectly.
’ the command line: Set STL import options ( Weld=Yes WeldAngle=22.5 SplitDisjointMeshes=No ModelUnits=Millimeters ):

How do I get the open command to just accept these values as default. What is the syntax to include them in my script?


You might try:

Call Rhino.Command("_-Open " & strFile & " _Enter", 0)


Thank you Helvetosaur, That works perfectly. I did try to do an enter on the next line:

Call Rhino.Command("_-Open " & strFile, 0)
Call Rhino.Command("_Enter", 0)

but to no avail.
This also works:

Call Rhino.Command("_-Open ""C:\Users\david000\Desktop\SHEETCAM JOBS\TORTOISE\MESHCAM\tortoise.stl"" _Enter", 0)

again Thanks