Rhino Script Compiler

Is it possible to include my rui file with the compiler ?


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Hi Keith,

The compiler generates an rhp file, which is basically a dll. If you want to distribute rui files as well you can create a rhino installer package (rhi) ehich contains both rhp and rui files.

Thanks David,

Where in the compiler do I add the rui file to the rhi ?


Hmm I don’t remember typing that bit. There probably isn’t an option for that, but an RHI file is just a zip file with a different extension. You can change it to *.zip, open the archive and add a RUI file by hand. See this page on details for RHI files:


It would be really handy if the next version for the compiler included the rui file. I have had trouble getting the rui to register in Rhino - using the zip method.