Rhino Script Compiler for Rhino5, second Beta

Could you provide a very small python sample of what you are trying to do? I feel that I’m making some assumptions about what your goal is and don’t want to run off and code under the wrong assumptions.

Custom menus in Rhino 5 are implemented in rui files. If you create a rui and package it with your plug-in, this should work.

How do you create rui file (in order to have compiled scripts as pulldown menu items) ?


CalculationMain.py <- contains main and calls functions in Calculation.py

Plugin when run calls main in CalculationMain.py which in turn calls function from Calculation.py

Run the Toolbars command in Rhino. That will take you to an editor on the options dialog.

Ok, thanks. We don’t currently have that mode fully supported; I’ll have to think about ways to add proper support for modules and packages.

Can I use it to create a custom additional menu item(s) - pulldown list that will install and be added to existing UI along with the rhp file? ( I guess rhp and rui need to be zipped together and extension changed to rhi). Not sure though how to make rui file that just adds extra menu item…

Yeah, this stuff isn’t documented too well. After you create a new rui file, go to Tools->Workspace Editor on the toolbars options page. There is a tab on that editor for adjusting menus.

Yes, a rhi file is just a zip file with a renamed extension so Rhino knows how to deal with it. Place both the rhp and the rui file inside of this zip for distribution.

@stevebaer I made a plugin out of my Holomark script but I get issues with rs.Command().
It just terminates.

The script runs just fine, but the plugin doesn’t.

I’ll have to try and reproduce this. Does this happen with any command entered into rs.Command?

I’ll send you the script and the files so you can have a look.
Where do you want it sent?

You can just email me if you want. I’m on vacation for the next few days, but will look when I get back to the office

Files zipped and sent to your personal account here.

Thanks, I got the private message. I’m in the middle of a rather in-depth project at the moment and will try looking at this later this week.

Yeah, know the feeling. Dig deep, and shout if I can help out.
I am on vacation the entire next week, so I would love to ship Holomark before that if you find a fix. And if not we have to wait.

It isn’t going to happen today and I’ll be in meetings with Jeff most of this week, so don’t plan on any sort of quick turn around. By the way, it’s rude to release something and then run off on vacation:)

Haha, ok, no way I can be rude to this community. Have to wait then!
Are there any other compilers I could use? I’ll see if I’ll release a beta where the user has to run a script to install the files prior to running the plugin. That can cut the cheese before final release.


Hi Steve,
I am ready to finish the project, do you know when you will be able to look at the compiler/plugin problem?
I’ll help out in any way I can, so just shout!

I was holding off on replying because I thought I was going to be able to look at this today. Wasn’t successful at that; will have to try tomorrow.

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I am not able to get rs.ViewDisplayMode() to work in the plugin.

It works perfect in the script, both to return the current display mode, and to set a new one.

So I replaced it with rs.Command("_SetDisplayMode “,dispMode,” _Enter") and that works.

Until I get to a rs.RotateView() and then the plugin version stops again.

Hope that helps you out in the bug tracking!!!