Rhino Script Compiler and ini files


Is there any way to include INI files as data libraries when compiling Rhino Scripts into a plugin.


Hi Roger,

not yet with the compiler UI as far as i know, i´ve added my wish in the according thread to include various files.

But if your ini is a simple Windows-style initialization file containing strings, you can rename your compiled rhi to zip, then add it and rename back to rhi. Once the installer is run by double clicking, the ini is extracted in the plugin location. This works as well with other file types eg. workspaces.

To get access to this location (install path) later via your vb RhinoScript , use

Rhino.PlugInInfo (strPlugIn)

this returns an array with element (2) containing the plugin directory.

@stevebaer, could you please add rs.PlugInInfo to the list of missing methods for rs / Python ?