Rhino.Runtime.NotLicensedException reading document as launch argument

Hi all,

I have a problem with a c# plugin. I need to do some computation while reading a document. If I open a file after Rhino is loaded or from the splash screen everything works, but if I start Rhino7 double-clicking a file a Rhino.Runtime.NotLicensedException is thrown on first call to AreaMassProperty.Compute. I tried the same approach on a different PC and the same problem happens on RhinoMath.UnitScale.
This worked in Rhino6, but happens on every version of Rhino7.
Any idea?



Anyone has a solution here? I still have the problem calling AreaMassProperties.Compute while starting Rhino from a file. Only happens in Rhino7.


I happens to me to, on a different method but same exception.

Same problem here. Hope this will be fixed soon.

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I believe this is fixed in the 7.5 Release Candidate:

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Thank you @brian, seems to work now! I’ll keep you posted if it happens again.

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