Rhino resets filters on startup

I have recently started using filters a lot and have them right under the Osnap selectors. What I have noticed is that Rhino doesnt remember my filter settings. Every time I restart Rhino they are reset to all of them selected.

So firstly it would be great if it could remember filters just as it remembers Osnap settings.

Secondly I dont think it should select all filters to reset it. Usually I want to JUST select a certain type of geometry. So for that I have to first uncheck all but one of the filters. I have had filters stump me a few times where I have forgotten that they are on and are trying to select something and it doesnt let me till I realize the filter is still on. So to avoid that, it could maybe just disable the filters on starting up Rhino and remember my last settings so when I enable Filters they are there.

I just find it annoying to click 12 times every time I started using Rhino and want to filter.

What is the reason that it remembers Osnaps but not Filters?

Thanks for considering.

Best, Armin.

Hi Armin - right-click in the filter you want, then right-click again to reset to the previous state. Does that speed things up? A right click on ‘Disable’ will check all the filters.


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@pascal, thanks so much. This certainly will speed things up!

Is there a reason why Filters has such different (and frankly very unusual) behaviour when compared to Osnap?

Hi Armin - Filters behaves the same as Osnaps as far as the check boxes behavior goes but it does reset on a fresh instance of Rhino - this is just to avoid confusion on startup - all object types are selectable by default.