Rhino requires a license to run. Rhino will now exit

Hi Everyone!

Can someone assist me with troubleshooting an issue I am experiencing with my recent upgrade to Rhino 7? The nature of this issue I believe is a miscommunication between McNeel licensing servers and Rhino 7.

When opening Rhino 7 (note: educational version), I am greeted by a window that prompts me to enter an email - upon entering, I am notified that there in fact is a Rhino 7 license associated with the email.

I am then redirected to my web browser. To which I accept information being communicated to Rhino 7. When clicking the button to which reads ‘allow’, I am suddenly alerted by the following; “Rhino requires a license to run. Rhino will now exit”.

I attempted this process many times, soon realizing it may be a glitch.

To provide more information for tech teems I tried Rhino Inside Revit plugin inside Revit. Again, same process as above - however, Revit did provide an error log as follows:

‘System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException’ at RhinoCommon.
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
Do you want to report this problem by email to tech@mcneel.com?

Can someone please help me with getting my Rhino 7 working? It is getting really frustrating to be quite frank. Appreciate any assistance.

It’s been a while but I think whenever I had issues with logging in, it turned out I had to update my windows and restart my computer. Although I’m not sure if that’s the same problem since I’ve never seen that “Found!” window you got but maybe worth a shot.

Hi Novin Noori,

Welcome to the forum. This does happen occasionally - e.g. see this thread "License not found, rhino will now exit" when logging into my account for example.