Rhino rendering of interior scene

Hi everyone! I am having a very strange problem concerning rendering. I made a model of a house and when I am positioning my camera inside for an interior render, the rendering gets veeery very slow, even with the lowest resolution…
When I move out of the house there is no problem at all.

Do you have any ideas what is going on???

I’m moving this thread to V-Ray. Please provide more information if that is not the case.

My experience is that interior scenes are more time consuming than the exterior ones. But without more details I can’t say if what you are experiencing is normal or not. Do you have lights inside? How are you lighting the interior, only the sun? How many materials?

Hey Filipe!

I actually have a lot of glass, and yes I have a sun, and now trying to put some more lights! I guess it is so slow because I have so glass everywhere!

Yes, glass can make the render slow down a lot. In my experience, using polysurfs (or solids) instead of planes for glass yields better results both time and quality wise.

If you don’t already do, you can try with “architectural glass”.
It’s a glass material without refraction; you put a near-white color for the refraction strength as usual but you put 1.0 as the IOR.