Rhino Render Sun Tools

On the Windows rhino, the render tools included a Sun Tool Dialogo box, where Location an other sun parameters could be set. This was very helpful for sun studies. Is there a way to do this on Rhino Mac?

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The closest in Rhino for Mac would be to use a directional light which is the same light type as the Sun. This is the open item for this feature, http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-915

Here’s a list of commands not yet in Rhino for Mac too…

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This overview comparison between Rhino 5 for Mac and Rhino 5 for Windows might help. For specific commands - as Brian said - check out this list.

Are there still no sun tools in Rhino 5 for Mac? I would think by 2018 there would be, but in my render tools I do not have access to a sun feature. I can make a directional light, but I would like to set a geographic location like you can in Windows.

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This is such a huge feature to be missing :frowning:

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They will not be available in Rhino 5 for Mac unfortunately. These are coming in Rhino 6 for Mac.

Thanks for your reply. Should I expect Rhino 6 for Mac in 2018? Or it’s still a long way away?

Please keep your expectations low :wink: I sincerely hope we have a RhinoWIP for Rhino 6 for Mac public in 2018 so you can test it the “new” Sun tools.

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I will try :laughing: Do you have any suggestions on how I could do a shade study in Rhino for Mac? Or is my best option to export my model into another program

I suspect you could find a Grasshopper definition (or component) that creates a heliodon which you could place a light onto. I believe Heliotrope, GECO, and others have canned heliodon components, but I have not tested any of them in Grasshopper for Mac.

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I hate to say it, but what worked for me as a mac user was exporting my model into SketchUp. SketchUp’s shadow tool is not as good as in Rhino for Windows, but allowed me to enter the location, dates, and times to at least give me a general idea of where shadows would be in my model. This simple option is a good one in the earlier stages of design for considerations of your model’s environment, but another solution would have to be investigated when it comes to rendering and final presentation.

Hi all. Is there still no Sun for RhinoMac? How do architects use this program without the Sun? Better question is how do architects get their money back once they realize there is no way to control or study the sun?

Any feedback would be great.

Have you tried this in the Rhino 6 WIP? Seems to be working as intended here.

I have purchased the Rhino 5 for Mac. Is this something separate I need to download?

Hi - that is correct, yes.
Please see this post for more information on the latest version:

It’s 2020 now, still no sun tools for Mac :frowning:

Hi - what happens when you run the Sun command?

Hi @spacerosie, it is on Mac :wink:

Is this Rhino 5 or 6? I have Rhino 5 and I can´t fins the Sun panel.

Rhino 6

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