Rhino Render Start-up wrinkles

  1. Rhino Render recreates the previous zoom level and resizes the window to match it at 1:1. While this may be useful in many cases, it currently can cause the RR window’s top ribbon and all its controls to disappear if a new render’s pixel dimensions are several factors larger than the previous render displayed. The work-around is to resize the window with the resizing edges that are visible - across two monitors (one doesn’t seem to be enough) - and the ribbon unexpectedly snaps down into view, but this fix seems unintuitive, takes some confusion to figure out, and as far as I know may not work with a single-monitor setup.

  2. If multiple Rhino projects are open, and a Rhino Render is begun and starts with an alert window requiring a “continue” button to be pressed, this window isn’t visible because the render startup causes the current project to disappear (become deactivated) and another project to appear (activated) obscuring the current project and the alert window altogether. The current project has to be reactivated to know what the delay is and continue the process. This can get quite confusing, especially if the projects are similar.

Hello - can you take a grab of the Rendering panel and post it here?
OK, I see what you mean, the zoom of the rendering in its frame. I think I can reproduce this, never mind…

Well, no I cannot - if I make a rendering larger than my screens, the frame opens resized so that it all fits on my screen and zoomed out accordingly so I see the entire rendering. I guess I need more explicit blow by blow.


Tricky to show without a gif, and a long-enough double-screen gif is too huge to upload.
Let’s try this:

  1. With Rhino in the primary window, bring up an RR window by invoking and stopping an RR render of about 160 x 90 pixels.

  2. Move the RR window to the secondary monitor.

  3. Start an RR with a pixel dimension of much bigger, say 2048 x 1138. (I believe you could be opening an image of that size also) On my system I am then looking at the lower corner of a huge RR window which doesn’t display the controls. Below is the entire secondary display.

4)Today the control ribbon pops into view with any resize. I believe that earlier this week that didn’t happen unless the resize crossed into the other monitor - I may be mistaken or maybe a windows update changed that since then. In any case what pops down - at least with this size of render - is only a blank area of the ribbon. At least it can then be dragged over to show the controls, but this all threw me for a loop.