Rhino Render is lazy

yeah its slow, but in this case i mean actually that the render does not prevent my computer from going sleeping and therefor does not render further. anything to prevent this from happening or is this a bug?

Ha! Interesting. That’s probably just a bug. I guess the ugly workaround is to modify your System Preferences > Power settings while rendering :confused: Hopefully, Rhino.Cycles in V6 will be less lazy.

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We all hope that!


p.s. written from the first ever macbookpro on my lap, using it since 4 days ago.


You’re doomed to succumb now…:stuck_out_tongue:

I switched the trackpad away from “Natural” (what a misnomer is that). I also installed a Proper Keylayout. The desktop has been set to solid black - now if I could find how to rid of those rounded corners everywhere… :wink:

First thing I do


Trailer trash?..:grin:

(Just kidding. Got hooked on a black CAD background eons ago)