Rhino Render: Decal Rendered Image Contains Red Dots

Hello everyone,

I have a simple object - material is plastic to get reflectivity - on which I am applying a decal.
Everything looks good in the perspective viewport with rendered display.

However, when opening the rendering and launching the render with various qualtiies (draft, good etc), i continously get red dots on the side of the object.

I am using following settings:

  • Backdrop: studio A
  • Ground plane ON
  • No Sun
  • Skylight

I left the other settings standard; tried to change the backdrop, but I got the same red dots each time.
Can someone please help understand why the render does not display the image that is in the perspective viewport correctly?

Appreciate any help!

Render Issue.3dm (719.4 KB)

You had for a while the groundplane set to the pink plaster material in your file before you changed to shadows only. Change it for a moment back to material and set as material the default material. Then switch back to shadows-only ground plane.

Hi Nathan,

Appreciate your rapid answer!
This indeed fixed the problem.

Thank you,