Rhino render color picker causing rhino to crash

This looks like a duplicate of TangentLaser’s 2nd problem in this thread:

This annoying problem is rare and difficult to reproduce. It is not related to V-Ray or Maxwell, although the presence or absence of any plug-in, or a reinstall might influence whether or not the bug shows up. It is actually caused by a bug in very old core Windows code which we have to carefully work around. I believe I have fixed this in SR11; at least I can no longer reproduce it. Please let me know if you are still seeing the bug in SR11.



Thanks Jeremy - I guess JohnC has a handle on this in the meantime.

@talos72, can you please install the SR 11 release candidate and see if that does anything good? To get SR 11, go to Options > Updates and Statistics and enable “Service release candidate” in the “Update frequency” field.



ok. NP

Nevermind, it was good for a while but it’s doing it again :pensive:

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