Rhino Prices in 3rd developing countries

I sincerely doubt that, that’s quite literally not how anyone actually operates. Official resellers of what? About as official as those Windows 10 listings I assume.

Don’t forget either that a “reseller” by nature has to buy their software to resell from the manufacturer, who sets prices. There is a certain margin built into those - i.e. their reseller discount. No reseller will sell the software for less than they paid for it, and since they’re not likely in the charity business they will also keep a certain profit margin over the “wholesale” price - that is how they earn their living.

There are other nurbs based software package available at a lower cost than Rhino. I used one for many years for structural design until I could afford to upgrade to Rhino. Rhino has a few more very useful functions such as blocks and make hole which I find very useful and I don’t regret upgrading.

I disagree completely with discriminatory pricing. There are designers just starting out in the ‘rich countries’ who are also poor.

The software (and games) section of the Steam store as well as the Play store have options for localized Price.

If i move to another country I have to send Steam an email telling then because my game/software library would be locked if I stay in another country IP for too long.

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It depends. Someone who just started learning Rhino in a developed country could still has a much better living standard and could afford better PC/laptop even with working in “McDonald’s”, than someone from a developing country where even the average salary is way too low and people are poor in general. For example, my salary back in 2006 was just 90 Euros per month after taxes. My salary in 1998 was 45 Euros per month. At that time we even didn’t had electricity all the time, which was annoying to everyone who was relying on electricity to do their job (imagine designing something on a PC without using backup UPS). One would need more than a good luck to afford a PC and Rhino with such salary rates. :slight_smile: This is why people from developing countries buy old 2nd hand (or actually 5th hand) PC or laptop with very low specs. Buying a PC or laptop on leasing (by small instalments) for 12-24 months instead of buying in cash at once is what changed everything in my country when it was introduced by the largest electronics stores around year 2002-2003.


Amazon will sell anything a seller is willing to post and sale and a buyer willing to buy. And it’s well documented they sale counterfeit stuff, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of it every day.

We had a situation of buying Xeon processors that would not work in a rendering machine. We returned them and while they were holding our money on thy we had bought a different pair or Xeon processors from a different vendor in Amazon. It turned out they were all fake. Amazon was holding our money, over $10k while they were sorting out the issue.

Only use Amazon buying from official manufacturer sellers, and ideally avoid them for thing that are important, expensive. Here in US we use B&H for all fancy stuff, much more reliable.


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Doubt it. Rhino 7 is already cracked.

Honestly the only one loosing here is Mcneel. People either use evaluation with fake emails forever or pirated licenses only a couple of releases behind.

But again, not sure why the OP is trying to fix a broken world. They are options available to make life fairer when its not.

I read some comments about Windows. Windows Pro 10 costs 200USD.

The other day I bought two legitimate keys for 46USD on a reseller site.

The difference in price has to do with companies having surplus copies of Windows they don’t need, so they resell. Its 100% legitimate.

Of course that’s not legitimate, get real. Cheap keys you buy online are usually enterprise multi-installation keys or come from MDSN subscriptions. Selling them is absolutely, obviously not legitimate, good grief.


Just because you say so doesn’t make it so.

Anyways, I have two working Windows licenses and I don’t think anyone is going to come get me, and I saved 354USD.

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Is this thread any useful anymore?
It was interesting to follow…

Pointing to a Tom’s Hardware article–Tom’s Hardware used to be a respected authority 20 years ago–with comments filled with “wait you’re endorsing those guys?” that says nothing definitive at all doesn’t make anything so either.

When in doubt if something is either a good deal or just a convenient yet ilegal transaction, you can always contact the company that makes the software (Rhino, MSFT, Etc) and describe what you are thinking of doing and ask them if it’s legal.

From what I see here, we have users promoting (maybe unknowingly) how to pirate Windows. If I was a moderator I’d be deleting those posts ASAP.



Luckily you are not because this forum would be filled with insults and cursing otherwise.

Let me rephrase this sentence because it provoked me,
in my country, if someone bought a new or used car and written in the contract that it can’t be sold again by the new buyer, the law will ignore this sentence because it considers buying as an exclusive property for the new owner that allows him to dispose of what he owns, whether by reselling or abdication to another form for free.
Any article in a contract against this principle is irrelevant in Egyptian law, so no need to get me :grin:.
the same goes on for any kind of perpetual license.

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I don’t think you decide that. It looks pretty respected to me still.

Did not see any of those, actually the word “endorse/ing” is not even mentioned once. Actually most are of the sort:

This article is causing multiple conniptions among the Moderation team. There are very good reasons why, although tolerated from a couple of well-known sources like Kinguin, none of us ever encourage people to obtain keys this way. It isn’t illegal, so we don’t sanction for it, but like I said, the tales of woe are too numerous to go unnoticed. Microsoft hasn’t loosed its lawyers on Kinguin, so it is apparently not a matter of legality, but there are a number of threads that basically boil down to “I told you so” and/or “You’re on your own” when it comes to aftermarket keys.
At least the article makes no mention of “activators,” which in most cases do represent outright piracy, not to mention the viruses and malware with which they are often laden. Discussions of those are not allowed and are deleted, and sometimes offenders knuckles get rapped with a hammer.

It is more than nothing, which is what you got.

An designer who could not earn money from designing said, my salary is 150$ per month with all costs of monthly food, home electricity, gas, water, taxi and bus fares and so on, while I’m a talented designer and inventor. He even showed one of his inventions that he made with AutoCad 2008 seven years ago:

He told, if I want to buy the licensed Rhino I will have to neither eat anything during 9 months nor use electricity to turn on my computer or use light at night!

He added, I’m not happy in no way to use not -so legal Rhino but what my solution is?

I think there are some users like this designer who use non-licensed Rhino inevitably, not based on intention of doing an illegal misusing.

I hope despite all dissatisfaction, the developers of Rhino and those rich users who buy the licensed software ignore these type of forced users and forgive them.


If you choose to use a stolen version of Rhino, don’t expect the honest purchasers to help you on this forum. It’s disrespectful.

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That’s AUD630. The cheapest 4GB GeForce card I can buy locally is AUD430. Phenomenal pricing differences around the world. Whatever the market will bear I guess…capitalism!

Do you think any software developers would even try to compete with a never-ending legitimate second hand market for their own software? No, they wouldn’t, the pace of development would stop or only be sustained by large businesses financing the development for themselves.

Well, at the time I wrote my post that cheapest PC, despite being new (not 2nd hand), actually included old 4000-series Intel CPU from 2014 and Nvidia GTX1050 4GB GPU from 2016, along with bad quality power supply, HDD (no SSD), 4 or 8 GB slow DDR3 RAM and no OS. A brand new modern PC with last-gen CPU and RTX 3000-series Nvidia GPU costs thousands of Euros here.
The cheapest “almost modern” PC good for basic modeling with Rhino and consisting several years old parts from 2016-2017 or earlier (AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM DDR4, HDD 1 TB SATA, GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB) costs 1300 Euros now on promotion for several days (regular price is 1500 Euros).
The minimum monthly salary here is about 330 Euros (2 Euros per hour), so even buying a several years old PC with the bare minimum of specs is nearly impossible for the majority of the people in my country. You have to be thankful that you can afford to buy several brand new Nvidia GPUs with one monthly salary in your country (according to Google, it’s $45,11 per hour). :slight_smile: