Rhino plugin installer behaviour

I have some questions about the rhino plugin installer:

  • If a new version of files have the same version number as the currently installed one lets say will the installer overwrite the current file with a new one? How about the How about .rui files?
  • What is the Marmoset.chm file shown in the guide?
  • If I provide the .rui file will it be automatically added to toolbars or do I have to do it programmatically?

Thank you

No, the Rhino Installer allows you to install multiple versions of the same plug-in, with each plug-in stored in a folder named with the plug-in’s version number. Note, the last plug-in installed will be the plug-in registered and, thus load with Rhino.

It is worth your time reviewing this information:

A .chm file is Windows help file, something may plug-ins for Rhino for Windows provide.

– Dale