Rhino plugin for voxel dataset

Hi there.
I would like to know if there’s already a plugin for working with voxel dataset in Rhino.
I mean I would like to import, render and segment voxel dataset (DICOM, VGL, RAW…) in Rhino.
I currently use dedicated software for this purpouse (VGStudio, 3DSlicer…)

CT scan are mostly stack of images.
I can load these images in Rhino, and put them at the correct slice thickness.
Then I could work on their histogram in order to hide the background and enhance contrast.
I never tried.

I’m wondering if there is already somebody working on it, because I see this as a very interesting application for putting together voxel data, stl and Nurbs.

Thanks to all

Have you taken a look at Dendro?

Thanks Wim.
I just downloaded it.
I Will gave a try.


I gave a look. From documentation seems that this script allows you to build voxel, but does not explain fi you can create from image stacks.

Something like this?

There is an image stack example in Monolith

Thanks Rikson and Wim.

I would like to import Stack in Rhino.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Monolith is a stand-alone software. Even though I found a Grasshopper example in their video.
I already use dedicated software for CT image stacks, I’m wondering if it’s possible to make something similar to Monolith inside Rhino.

Its a free plugin to Grasshopper

if you have Rhino its takes 5 mins to download grasshopper and the plugin to be up and running.

Hi Rickson,
thanks again!
Yesterday I downloaded the “stand-alone” application.
Many thanks for the link to food4rhino

Anyone know where to get the examples from?
The monolith.zone website does not appear to be working

I had some monolith example files from 2018-08-10 hanging around.


// Rolf

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