Rhino plugin for voxel dataset


Hi there.
I would like to know if there’s already a plugin for working with voxel dataset in Rhino.
I mean I would like to import, render and segment voxel dataset (DICOM, VGL, RAW…) in Rhino.
I currently use dedicated software for this purpouse (VGStudio, 3DSlicer…)

CT scan are mostly stack of images.
I can load these images in Rhino, and put them at the correct slice thickness.
Then I could work on their histogram in order to hide the background and enhance contrast.
I never tried.

I’m wondering if there is already somebody working on it, because I see this as a very interesting application for putting together voxel data, stl and Nurbs.

Thanks to all


Have you taken a look at Dendro?


Thanks Wim.
I just downloaded it.
I Will gave a try.



I gave a look. From documentation seems that this script allows you to build voxel, but does not explain fi you can create from image stacks.

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Something like this?

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There is an image stack example in Monolith


Thanks Rikson and Wim.

I would like to import Stack in Rhino.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Monolith is a stand-alone software. Even though I found a Grasshopper example in their video.
I already use dedicated software for CT image stacks, I’m wondering if it’s possible to make something similar to Monolith inside Rhino.

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Its a free plugin to Grasshopper

if you have Rhino its takes 5 mins to download grasshopper and the plugin to be up and running.


Hi Rickson,
thanks again!
Yesterday I downloaded the “stand-alone” application.
Many thanks for the link to food4rhino