Rhino/PDF Symbols Mismatch


I’m trying to insert/import a pdf into rhino and Rhino seems to be reading the symbols differently - produces !, *, #, etc. Is there a workaround this? I’ve attached screenshots and files to explain better.

RF cad

RF.3dm (5.0 MB)

RF Test.pdf (229.4 KB)


Hi Hayden -

Yes, when I import the PDF file, I get the following on the command line:

Command: Import
Could not find embedded font “IPBBCG+ESRIDefaultMarker”
Could not find embedded font “IPBBCH+GISFWasteWater”
Could not find embedded font “IPBBCL+ESRIArrowhead”
This file references 3 fonts not found on this computer. Rhino will use Arial as a substitute.
Successfully read file “C:\Discourse Test Files\RF Test.pdf”

You’ll need to have those fonts installed on your computer for these symbols to be drawn correctly.

I thought fonts were “embedded” in PDFs specifically so that one didn’t have to have them locally installed…?

Hi Mitch -
From what I remember, there are different ways of dealing with fonts in PDF files. I quickly tested that file in Inkscape and that renders those symbols the same way as Rhino does…

Thanks Wim. Will look into it. Btw, my command line gave me no warning (see pic). Do I need to change something in rhino’s settings? This caught me off-guard and I’d like to know which fonts to hunt down if it happens again.

RF Command Line


Hi Hayden -

I see you tagged this thread with “rhino6”. I’m using Rhino 8.

Wha… whaaaat? R8 is out? Just bought 7 a few weeks ago!

Nope, just in WIP. No scheduled release date yet.

Ok… not sure if I’m relieved or annoyed as I’m not part of the cool kids’ club… :smirk:

You can be - with your V7 license you can download and test the WIP for free…

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