Rhino panels need better pen support

I would really like to be able to scroll panels such as the layer / properties / box_edit etc. - panels, with the pen directly on top of the panel, instead of going to the scrollbar.

*gif is recorded in the latest SR of v6, but it’s the same behavior in WIPv7.

Rhino has quite decent support for pens, but it’s UI/UX doesn’t support some basic pen input states.
This is the same for input directly on the screen or via a digital tablet.

I understand that Rhino’s panels are basically WPF - so Windows gives out a complete library of Windows Ink support features to be implemented directly with WPF as a module to give out support for these things.
How hard would be to implement this is beyond me, but surely is worth a thought?

If this implemented it will also work with a mouse as an alternative to the scroll wheel.

I know that there are many more important things to implement than a niche - pen-input state.
I’m also aware that I’ve started that A complete UI overhaul of Rhino would be a much welcomed move - fiasco. Sorry, things took a very wrong turn there, but at least it showed there there are people that would like to see some changes.

Honestly, there are these little tiny bugs in the UI that really bother me and stop me for adopting my preferred style, without annoying workflow interruptions like this one.

I love Rhino, but I will keep mentioning these things as long as a UI/UX comes up on the list of priorities.