Rhino out of memory message

Hello to everyone,

I need a help for this two problems.

  1. I have some 3dm file and I try to use export with origin command to export some objects from that file to another one. This command makes successfully saving new 3dm file, but when open Rhino Out of Memory message was shown.I read a lot about this, so I checked original 3dm file in task manager for virtual memory size and it was 5,244,452 KB for commit size and 6,115,172 KB for virtual size. I work with this file previously, so I made correct exporting for some objects (also opening and saving other 3dm files from this file).I made some changes, move some objects and there are something wrong with that file when saving for new changes. When i open again, opening was very slow and exporting or saving file makes out of memory message as I mention before.

What makes correct file to be wrong after making some changes? What are the main problems with that kind
of 3dm files?

  1. I write one test program, which read 3dm files, get brep objects from file, make correct meshes and join in one mesh to use. The strange thing is when I read “bad” 3dm file (file when open get Rhino Out of memory message) the program makes correct reading of all objects, join all meshes and draw on scene. I use ON_BinaryFile for reading, ONX_Model object to read and iterate through its object table to read all objects.

Is this OK? If I save 3dm file from “bad original” 3dm file are data really written in file and only cannot be open or they are not in file actually? What is really happening with objects of such 3dm files?

Thanks a lot,