Rhino out of memory, can´t open a large file anymore

Hi, i created a rhino model and it is 236MB large, the program started to get very slow while processing it. I tried to open it with another computer and there was a message saying “RHINO is out of memory, you must restart your computer after you click OK” then Rhino created an Emergency save which is 123 MB aprox. it also said my original file may be damaged. Now that i try to open either of them my computer just freezes and won´t run the program. I wonder if it´s because of the file size (i tried to open them in 3 different computers) or both files are indeed damaged. Is there a way i can recover the files or some place i can upload them to reduce size. Because i can´t reduce it by myself since the program won´t even open them.


You can try Rescue3dmFile but I’m wondering if the command line says “creating meshes…” when you are waiting for it to open. If so, press ESC and the model will display in wireframe. There may also be a 3dmBak file in the same location as the original file. You can open this directly and if it works it’ll be the last saved version. Immediately save this as a new file if that works.

I’m also wondering if you are using the 64 bit version of v5 and if so, how much RAM do you have in the machine. You can upload the model to www.rhino3d.com/upload as well and I’ll take a look… just say for BrianJ and explain what the question is.

Hi Daliadlt - you can try opening Rhino in Safe Mode - that will block any shading, in case that is what is making Rhino unhappy. Open the model and see if it opens cleanly, and if so, make sure all views are in Wireframe display mode before saving. Then you should be able to open Rhino normally and have the file open. BUT, if that does work you should try to find the object(s) that are causing trouble - SelBadObjects is a place to start.