Rhino_options export_pc vs mac

Hi! There has been an issue. I tried to send my optionsexport to my friend, but he cannot upload it.

I use a pc whereas he uses a mac. Ive done the exact file between pcs and it works fine.

Any suggestions?

The attached image is his mac showing grey (unable to optionsimport to his rhino)

Windows writes an .ini whereas Mac uses .plist
So currently this is not yet possible.

Hi -

Thanks. I’ve reported this issue as RH-78563 ImportOptions / ExportOptions: Allow ini files

So Im testing out Rhino 8 on my macbook and need to import my rhino 6 windows options into it… im getting the ini file from options export in windows and rhino 8 on mac only accepts plist file. How can I convert the ini to plist?

Hi Peter -

I’m not aware of doing this - hence the YT issue report.