Rhino on tablets

Can rhino be installed on a Microsoft surface pro?

It works nicely on my Surface Pro 2, so I imagine that it would equally work well on the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3.
The icons are a bit tiny, but the stylus really helps. Keeping the stylus pressed is equal to right-mouse button pressed, i.e. you orbit the model, while you can zoom by pinching the fingers.
I didn’t run into any significant graphics problems with the Intel graphics on mine, also performance is fine for most things that you would use a tablet for.

Best, Johannes

It won’t run on a WinRT tablet.

Works great on surface pro 3. I went to the Microsoft store, asked, and they let me download & install rhino as a trial on the floor model. Based on that test I bought one and have been very happy with it.

( I still use a mouse for modeling but the touch interface is great for looking at the model. )