Rhino on Linux?

I’d love to give the dockerized Rhino 7 setup a try. Do you have it available somewhere in a repo?

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I’m going to watch this… but I hope it’s a TempleOS port… :wink:

There is also a fork of TempleOS to run it on more modern machines (but it’s only 88% HolyC)


I have been dual booting Linux for 6 years now and finally ditched Windows for good earlier this year.
I am a freelance design engineer and also provide CAD services. My main CAD software is Bricscad which is for 75% of my work and Plasticity has replaced Rhino for any surfacing/modelling work. For rendering I use Blender which works great with the Plasticity blender bridge function.
On the now very rare occasion I do need windows and rhino, for example if I need to convert a .step file to .dwg I use a VM (vmware).
I often donate to Blender, LibreOffice, Keepass etc and would be more than happy to donate to Mcneel if a Rhino for Linux was developed…


Only the truly worthy applications get ported to lords own TempleOS.

Rhino would be at least 20 years from gaining that status.


When I managed to install v 6 back in the day, the viewports always stayed in what seemed to be a frame (or more) behind. Is it possibly the same underlying problem?

Dealing with the installer is annoying, I think it used to be possible to use the unpacked .msi from C:\ProgramData directly. Providing something like an unpacked installation could be the cheapest show of good will towards our cause from McNeel.

Do you think it breaks more than the installer? If the Microsoft browser engine dependency was there only for the help menus I would be happy to let it go

I think WebView2 is part of Eto Forms framework, so I expected it to be ubiquitous now?

There are four threads in the entire forum with a min of 50000 views and a min of 150 posts


Another day, another Windows atrocity:

Imagine that you won’t be able to acces your account anymore for whatever reason Microsoft decide to.

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And another one:

So, it is not enough that they can disable remotely your account, you won’t be even able to recover your data because everything will be encripted by Microsoft.

This OS is heading straight to a distopian future where the big brother will control you up to the smallest detail.

This just happened to me last month. The laptop died and I took out its drives and put them in a new barebones PC. In the process during the first boot-up something happened and Windows activated the bit-locker without me realizing it. Looks like while I was checking drivers and such the thing was locking my drives in the background. On the second boot everything was locked and I was freaking out. It even locked my data drive.

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I share your frustration about Microsoft and Windows 100%. That said, this thread is about “Rhino on Linux”. I know most of the desire of having Rhino on Linux stems from the growing frustration about Windows as an operating system and therefor the two topics go hand in hand. Anyway, I suggest that maybe the criticism about Windows could be kept in a new and dedicated thread. There we could vigorously vent about Microsoft and Windows, while keeping this thread more focused about the potential benefits of a Rhino for Linux version and what technical issues would have to be overcome.

Like to hear suggestions to name that Microstoft Windows thread :wink:

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need some work to document the process for the first setup and activation. I will try to find a moment this week to do it and i will share it to you

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I would be quite curious to see this as well, You’ve managed to install Rhino inside a docker container, and it can be launched, UI and all?

Exactly. Grasshopper and plugins as well

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I know magicians are never supposed to reveal their secrets, but if you could make an exception this time, I’d love to see how this is done, can you post a dockerfile?

Not much magic in there. I will share a repo with al steps to configure.


I use “Everything” from voidtools instead: https://www.voidtools.com/. It’s free and gives instant results while typing.