Rhino on ipad - remote control desktop


I am trying to find a way to remote connect to my desktop Mac from my ipad, and use rhino on my ipad.

I was hoping to do so with an app called screens. It works very well as a Remote Desktop controller, however the mouse control won’t let me pan or zoom in rhino.

Has anyone remote controlled a Mac desktop computer from their ipad, and successfully modeled that way?


Why don’t you use rhinoceros directly on the tablet? So I bought a surface tablet and felt good. If it is controlled remotely, it will be too laggy

Hi Richard -

While some things may work, note that virtualization systems, including Remote Desktop, are not supported → Rhino - System Requirements

i am using splashtop, its ok with keyboard and mouse. but first set 2 things. set escape button in ipad settings(i have logitech combo touch). also in rhino when you will press middle mouse button/scroll pop up menu will apear add there delete button and use it