Rhino / NVIDA freeze after sitting idle

I recently reinstalled all software on my laptop, and since then Rhino has started freezing if sitting idle for 10+ minutes. After restarting, shaded mode will display all geometry with a chrome metallic shine to it. Pretty neat if that is what you were going for, not so much if you don’t. Not sure if it is related, but this also happened a couple of times while trying to adjust the panels or tool bars. I should also note that this only affects Rhino and not other programs running simultaneously.

Looking at the Windows event log it appears to be an issue with my NVIDA graphics card, and maybe not with Rhino. I have an Quardro T200 card on a Dell Precision 5540, running Windows 10 Pro. So far I have tried the following:

Updated the display driver

In the NVIDA control panel set Rhino to always use the ‘High-performance NVIDA processor’ as the preferred graphics processor.

Disabled all plugins that did not ship with Rhino: V-Ray, Bongo, VisualARQ and ElefrontProperties.rhp.

None of that has seemed to help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I did not find the page in my initial search, but installing the drivers manually from the nvida website seems to have done the trick.

NVIDIA Quadro Video Issues [McNeel Wiki]